Monday, 14 January 2013

Menu plan for the week

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Last week's meal plan really helped to keep me on track, and we only deviated from it on one day, when the FH and I had sweet&sour chicken and the girls had fried chicken pieces with veg - all on Saturday.  The rest of the week went sort of according to plan...soup incidents already reported!

This week looks like this:

Monday - Leek and potato soup and HM bread - all made yesterday and ready to go
Tuesday - Beans on toast - we stocked up on beans when they were on offer before Christmas and we have lots!  I will be out at gym, and the family can easily make this for themselves.
Wednesday - Sticky chicken thighs, with rice and veg
Thursday - Toad in the Hole
Friday - Vegetable curry - made with some of Elaine's Curry in a Hurry building blocks that I have in the freezer
Saturday - Mixed bean soup - a new recipe that the EFG found and would like to try.
Sunday - Chicken casserole with lots of veg

The only thing I need to get is a tin of beans for the mixed bean soup.  If we like it, I will invest in packets of dried beans, but for a one-off trial, I'll be going with a tin.  We don't eat a lot of beans here, apart from green and baked varieties.  It's good to try something new.

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