Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Muck update!

Drains clear!!  Too much loo roll being put down the toilets...YFG has had a cold and I think her nose-blowings were a little heavy on the loo roll usage.  Anyway, crisis averted and all well now.

Having spent the morning sorting that out, I was not best pleased to have my wing mirror hit by a bully in a BMW in town this afternoon who couldn't judge the width of a gap between two stationery cars.....thankfully, wing mirrors on the Fabia bend backwards, but if it had been on my old Astra, he'd have had it off and bouncing up the street behind him.  I had to move to the side of the road to put the mirror straight, but he carried gaily on, completely ignorant and uncaring of whether he had done any damage.

And breathe!

Sorry - rant over.

Have had some lovely leek and potato soup for supper tonight, which I made this morning; it was just the ticket, coming home from gymnastics, to be able to pop a bowl of soup in the microwave and warm it up for a quick and easy meal.  Meatballs tomorrow.....

Welcome to my latest followers - good to have you with us.  Do say, "Hello" one day!

Good night all xx


Gill - That British Woman said...

And breathe!

That made me smile. I know when the kids were home they were forever blocking the toilets drove me crazy...glad you got yours fixed.


Angela said...

They were eating leek and potato soup on the Archers too. I made some minestrone this morning.
Glad the drains got sorted. And the wing mirror was ok.
btw why do we still say 'wing Mirror' - they arent on the wings any more, they are on the doors! Someone pointed this out to me only yesterday.
good night xx

Ellen said...

Leek and potato soup is a favorite around here. It must be soup weather! I've made white bean and ham soup and cream of broccoli soup in the past week.