Friday, 18 January 2013

Shopping again

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Yesterday afternoon, the EFG and I dropped the YFG and her friend off for their piano lesson and we nipped off to the supermarket to get some fresh stuff.

We bought:

Broccoli [value] 2 stalks £1.89
Red grapes £2.25
Clementines - 2 bags £2
Mushrooms £1
Braeburn apples - 2 bags £2
Bananas £1
Carrots - 2 bags £2
Bag mixed peppers £1.65
Bag frozen green beans £1.40
Sausages [12] £2
Squash - 2 bottles £2.98
Babybel cheeses [EFG lunchbox] £3.50

Total spend this week: £23.67

An improvement on the last week, even with the sausages which I had to get for the supper because I had forgotten to get ours out of the freezer BUT I bought a larger pack of Riverway pork ones which had 12 in it, so they had 2 each last night, and still have 2 each to have tonight.  I cooked them all, and so the second batch are ready to go when we get home from gym tonight.  Slight mishap in that I forgot the beans for the bean soup, but the extra sausage night can shunt the curry night along one and we can have the bean soup another week.   If the girls would agree to drink the same flavour of squash, I would only have needed one bottle!

Anyway, with all this snow forecast, I do not intend to be mucking around in town going to any more shops this weekend, so that is that for the week.  We will be coming straight home after gym tonight and tomorrow.  I have no option but to go tonight, because the Head Coach has a hospital appointment and I am in charge, at least for the setting up and the first class.  He may arrive in time for the second class, weather permitting.

Off to make the hot mash for the chooks' breakfast now!  Hope you all have a good day - stay safe and warm xx

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