Saturday, 5 January 2013

Saturday wanderings

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This is Ely Cathedral, known as the "Ship of the Fens" and we had a fair drive across the Fens to get there this afternoon, but the view across the fields in the bright afternoon sunshine was well worth it when we saw this!  I love the cathedral, and would go there more often if I lived closer, and, to be honest, if I could get there without the girls.  I would just sit in the cathedral and soak it up, but they want to walk around and don't appreciate the peace and tranquility of just sitting and being in God's house like that.

Anyway, today is really the last day of the girls' holiday on which we could "do" something, because tomorrow will be occupied with chapel, and then finishing up homework and getting school stuff ready.  The EFG has been working hard for her AS level exams next week, and I thought she deserved an afternoon off.  They each had a little money from Christmas which they had had left after putting the required half in the bank, and were interested to mooch around and see what was what.  I did steer them towards the charity shops.

The Saturday afternoon shoppers were out in hordes, and it was busy in the market place where there was a craft-type market going on.  We had a look, but there was nothing there we needed...

After that, we hit the shops.  We found that the previously "little" independent bookshop, Topping & Co, has extended itself since our last visit, and now covers three whole floors of wonderful books to explore.  There are nooks and crannies, rooms off other rooms, coffee and reading chairs.   It is extremely comfortable, and we all enjoyed spending nearly half an hour browsing the shelves.  They each bought a book, and the EFG chose particularly well - a signed copy of "The Woman in Black" by Susan Hill.

Apart from that, we just had a good look around, and eventually got home to cook the tea at around 5.30pm after a peaceful ride home.  It was good to spend the afternoon together, get some fresh air and exercise and visit a little city we all love into the bargain.  

Tonight we have had Sticky Chicken, with veg and rice, and now the FH has gone to bed, the EFG is working, the YFG is reading to me, and I am typing this.  The fire is lit, and I think that she and I will be moving to the sitting room shortly so that I can knit by the fire whilst she reads.

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