Thursday, 24 January 2013

Pins and needles

I went to Pinterest and found the recipe I was looking for, and I will share it if it works!  Pinterest is a lovely idea, as it means I can save a library of recipes and ideas for things to make in a virtual library on the internet, and it takes up no storage on my shelves.  Best of all, it is indexed my way, according to my "boards" and so I can find things according to the way I think.  And the things I have pinned to my boards are stored so that I can retrieve them by their pictures.....I love it!

I follow a couple of people whose tastes I admire but I wish I had their ability with the needles - I have a board full of felted items, and another of patchwork and quilted things, but that board is more just things to look at and admire, because I haven't a hope of getting my hands to make them at the moment.  Maybe I will develop more patience in my old age...

Edit at 10.55pm: It didn't work, so I will have to try again before I share it.  On the other hand, a recipe for Tiffin worked wonderfully, so I can share that tomorrow!


Elaine Mfinthree said...

This year I have decided to include something creative into my everyday routine.

Something like cookery or a crafty project - I have committed to 15 minutes per day but often find I want to pick it up again in the evenings for a few minutes ( or longer LOL). I am finding it is bringing some equilibrium to my life.

So don't wait - do something that makes your heart sing today :-)

Morgan said...

Thanks, Elaine! I will - I am happily knitting, but find that whenever I try to sew, I am all fingers and thumbs and can't do whatever it is I want to do, and then there is the sewing machines! Hate them with a passion - used to have an ancient hand-cranked Singer and could manage that, but it was my gran's and I think my sister might have it at present. I hand sewed simple blankets from brushed cotton for the girls each time I was pregnant, but they were very very simple and hand sewn, so less to lose my temper with!!

Wannabe Sybil said...

I am scared to join Pinterest. As far as crafts go, my eyes are far bigger than my belly. If I ever get my backlog down I may wander in... I think Pinterest is safe! WS xxx

Morgan said...

WS - stay well clear, my friend - I think it could be addictive! I just pop in there about once a week or so to see what people I follow have pinned and check out some recipes to try occasionally. The bread I am trying tonight is not looking good at this stage, so I can't count it as a success yet - may have to tweak the recipe somewhat before I share it.
Hugs xx