Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Muck and money

There was a saying that "where there's muck, there's money" but there isn't going to be a lot here this morning!  

We have a blocked drain between the house and the sewage treatment plant in the garden, and this I know because late last night, I had the manhole covers up and was looking into deep pools of water [by torchlight]  where there should have been none!  

But fear not, I am not calling DynoRod or any of their associates out - this has happened before and we have a neighbour with a set of draining rods, so we will have it sorted out shortly - fingers crossed, please!


Angela said...

Oooh! deepest sympathies as you deal with this one. At least the smell shpuld not be as bad as it might be in hot weather!
I just emailed you xx

Lesley said...

All the best with this - not nice!

Ragged Wren said...

Good luck with your drain!!

Thanks for the seed info on your previous post as well.

When do you start your chillies off if you don't mind me asking?

Morgan said...

Hi Ragged Wren - thanks for stopping in and commenting.
Drains all clear now, thank goodness.

I will be starting the chillies off pretty much as soon as they get here, but certainly by the middle of the month, indoors of course.

Hope that helps x

saving for travel said...

Hope you get it sorted.

Sft x