Saturday, 5 January 2013

Looking forward to Monday

I am really looking forward to Monday, and it is not because the girls are going back to school!

It is because I have had no washing machine since the Thursday before Christmas, and an engineer is finally coming to fix it on Monday!

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It made its death rattling noise on the Thursday evening, so first thing Friday morning, I was on the phone to the helpline because it was still within its first year guarantee.  I was lucky to get an engineer out to look at it on Christmas Eve, the first Monday, but he wiggled the drum, sighed, and said, "Your drum's gone - I'll have to order you a new one."  And my heart sank!  

He told me that someone would ring me this week just gone to arrange an appointment to get the new drum fitted, which they did, on Monday [NYEve, the second Monday].  A lady told me that the chap would come on Monday the 7th, to which I am afraid I wailed, "Not before then?" but she assured me that that was the earliest she could do.

I am just counting my blessings now, I suppose.  I have kind friends in the village who have allowed me the use of their machines whilst mine is out of action, and I am lucky that it "died" within the first year's guarantee, albeit only by just over 10 days!  A couple of people have said that it would be cheaper to buy a new one, but if I can get this one fixed for free, of course I would do that.  If I had had to pay for this repair, perhaps I would have gone down that route - but washing machines are getting so cheap these days, that one wonders how long they are actually designed to last.  

Roll on Monday - the washing is waiting again!!

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silversewer said...

Hmmmmm I bought a new washing machine 4 years ago when we moved house.

So far it has survived 2 moves and is still working well, however if it does go I will just go and buy a new one. At just over £200 it has cost me £50 a year just under £1 a week and it has regularly washed at least 2 loads a week.

The previous machine I had which was the same make I had for at least 8 years.

I was told be the engineer who serviced the machine that the average life of a washer was 5 years.