Thursday, 31 January 2013

Wednesday meal

You will have to use your imagination, as I did, because I wasn't there, and I didn't actually get any dinner last night at all...

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I did the afterschool gym club and took the other coach home to the town afterwards, picked up some more veg and fruit at the shop, and came home, where I issued instructions to UJ to make himself a sandwich and help himself to some cake, and to the girls to make themselves a jacket potato and beans.

Then I went off to a governors' meeting which lasted till 8pm.  When I got home, a dear friend with a lot on her mind popped in, and stayed, chatting till 11.50pm, by which time I was done for the day and just went to bed.  

That wasn't even terribly successful as the FH has got a chest infection and can't breathe, is coughing up phlegm and feeling generally rotten and very sorry for himself, so he was tossing and turning, coughing, and watching tv all night.  He eventually muttered something about trying to get some sleep, turned the tv off, and hey presto, my alarm went off and here I am!

You may not see much posting here for the next few days as we have church cleaning on the agenda today, the YFG has a piano lesson this afternoon, and then I have to take the EFG to UJ's house with her friend so that he can take them into Cambridge in the morning for a school visit to the big teaching hospital there.  The school can't do the transport so we have to get them there on public transport, they suggested, but it would mean leaving well before dawn for the trip, so they are having a night closer to the city and UJ will do the last leg with them in the morning.  I will have to fetch them tomorrow evening sometime...we have a coffee morning and worship lunch on tomorrow, and gym, and in between all that, I am trying to organise a cooking show for Saturday afternoon, and I will have to look after the FH's old chap for a couple of days whilst he is out of action........any small miracles you can send my way would be appreciated.


Angela said...

So unbelievably busy! I feel quite lazy just sitting here ocnvalescing. Will pray for you xx

Morgan said...

Yes, unbelievable that it should all happen at once and made more challenging by the FH being out of action...thank you for the prayers; I am sure you know that knowing you are being prayed over makes such a difference. Thank you.