Sunday, 6 January 2013

Meal planning this week

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Having had a rummage in the freezer, I have got together a meal plan for the week ahead.  It is virtually all in stock here, and the only thing that we might have to improvise by the end of the week may be vegetables.  In future, I think I need to get some frozen ones in as well so that we have some when we have eaten all the fresh.

Today: Beef casserole [beef in gravy with carrots, onion and mushroom, served with mash and cabbage - it is in the oven now and smells delicious!]
Monday: Mixed veg risotto [peas, carrots, onion, mushrooms, rice]
Tuesday: Leek & potato soup served with bread or rolls.
Wednesday: Meatballs with veg [EFG] or pasta [others] and pasta sauce
Thursday: Crustless bacon/onion/cheese quiche served with veg
Friday:  Shepherd's pie with veg [no potato for the EFG] 
Saturday: Pasta and HM tomato sauce
Sunday: Roast chicken with veg [and potatoes for some]

I am trying to reduce the amount of meat we eat, so this is a beginning, but I think I need to investigate some more vegetarian recipes.  It won't hurt to have an "easy" night of soup or beans/egg on toast once a week, and it will help to keep the costs down.  Some of these meals I can eat, and some will have to be adapted a little, or even substituted completely. 

I need to make some baked goods for the YFG's lunchboxes, but they will go into the freezer so that she can just take them out as and when she needs them - if I make a few different things, she can have a variety.  I also need baked items for the chapel this week on Thursday - we are having the afternoon get-together for the older villagers, and we promise them cake with their cuppas!  The chooks are laying again now and I am getting anything from 3 to 11 eggs each day now, and it will hopefully become more regular and consistent as the days lengthen, although it may drop if we have a particularly cold spell anytime.  Hope not!!

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saving for travel said...

Lovely menu!

And you are doing so well, just needing veggies.

We too are cutting down on meat drastically (for Mr Sft) and have at least one 'on toast' meal a week.

Good to hear the chickens are laying again!

Sft x