Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Meals for the week ahead

(image from momables.com)

Inspired by recollections of dumplings at Angela's blog, I thought I had better make some plans for the rest of the week.

Gymnastics is cancelled tonight, and actually, if I had my way, I would cancel everything extra-curricular this week and just stay at home.  I hate driving in these conditions, and dread going out on icy roads.

Anyway, here's the plan for the next few days:

Tuesday - Corned beef hash - nice and warming on a cold day!
Wednesday - Leek & potato soup - Yes, again!  Still got a couple of leeks left and this is about the only way I can get people to eat them, and I love this soup.  The folks will get HM bread with it too.
Thursday - Chicken casserole
Friday - Veggie stew with cheesy dumplings
Saturday - Mixed bean soup from last week's menu - and then a home made pudding, perhaps a crumble.

That is all pretty cheap and cheerful, based around what we have in the house/freezer/storecupboard.  I do need more fruit and veg already but that may have to wait until I go out tomorrow afternoon - we have frozen veg and tinned fruit, so we won't get scurvy yet.

Just need to remember to buy the beans this week!

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Angela said...

Enjoy the dumplings!!

Butternut squash soup here this week. Hot and comforting. But my attempts to make the peel into'crisps' with Nigel S's recipe failed miserably [maybe because I forgot to check them and they went black and bitter in the oven]
Oh and semolina pudding. I love hot milky puds when its cold outside

blessings xx