Thursday, 17 January 2013

A day to celebrate

BBC Breakfast is 30 years old today - celebrating with reminiscences of past presenters and a lovely cake with all the current presenters modelled on the top of it!  A fun programme, but how times have changed!

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I am sure that there are lots of children hoping to celebrate with more snow, as there is plenty in the forecast for tonight, tomorrow and the weekend.  I'm happy enough today but a little apprehensive about how much might fall tomorrow as I have to get to gym and home again, and will be coming home in the dark.  I might be crawling home at 20mph, but I don't care as long as we get home safely!

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At the moment, our skies in the Fens are bright and clear, like this.  The temperature a little while ago when I had to nip out was -6C so pretty chilly, but the trees and bushes look absolutely beautiful as they are covered in white rime and snow, and stand out in magnificent clarification.  It is a beautiful winter's day here this morning.

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And other things are looking hopeful - several people are giving me good advice about the laptop issues: it will cost over £150 to repair it, so I am thinking about whether we need another one right now, and if we do, what exactly we need.  The cooker is still in the thinking and researching stage at the moment, too. I can live without a grill for a while... I'm all for making do, don't you know!

Prayers today please for the FH's friend, A, who has collapsed this morning; thankfully the FH was with him at his home, and was able to pick him up and get him into bed.  I believe that the FH is waiting for the doctor to call round now.

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Wannabe Sybil said...

Prayers happening. Hope you are okay, we are not so affected here yet, just v icy. Fingers crossed that we all get off lightly! Good luck with the research, it is a complicated pros and cons list, hope all works well. WS xxx