Sunday, 13 January 2013

All the little things

A few ideas to share tonight about the little things I am trying to do which add up to contribute to bigger things.  You might do some of them already, you may think that you don't want to do some of them - that's fine - they are just ideas....

  • I do surveys on YouGov - sometimes several in a week, other times none come along for a while!  I've got about £30 in the "bank" there and when it gets to £50, I will request a payout.
  • I do the Shop&Scan survey each time I go shopping - I zap everything when I get home and download the barcodes onto their website, and send them scans of my receipts to get 1600 points a week.  I currently have 32500 points, and when I get to somewhere in the region of 50000 points, I will request £50 of vouchers - probably Amazon ones for presents and books/DVDs.
  • I take my re-usable bags with me when I go to the shops so that I can collect points on the various loyalty schemes for re-using my bags.  
  • I do use the loyalty schemes and make the most of the vouchers and points as much as I can.  I find that Clubcard vouchers are more versatile than Nectar for us as a family and what we do, but perhaps others find Nectar more useful - it's a personal thing.
  • I do surveys and occasionally get sent free products to try through BzzAgent - we have tried shampoo, J2O juice drink and Knorr Gravy pots so far.  If I write a review or post an opinion on my Facebook page, and they accept my witterings, they "pay" me in Clubcard points.  We get the product to try for nothing, and get some points into the bargain, just for saying what we think.
What tips and tricks could you add, or share?

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