Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Shopping update

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In need of some fruit and veg, I went to the Co-op after a school meeting last night.

On the receipt are:

Frozen broccoli £1.59
Frozen cauliflower £1.50
Frozen green beans £1.29
Fresh broccoli £1.15
Carrots £0.50
Fairtrade Bananas £1.60
1kg box of clementines £3.00

That makes a total spend of £10.72 on those items.

I do find that the Co-op is more expensive than the other supermarkets - the fresh broccoli would have been quite a bit less in Tesco although not a lot less in Sainsbury's, and the bananas would have been £1 in Tesco. The frozen beans are cheaper though, by about 20p, and I also had the convenience of driving right past this store twice last night, so it was absolutely free in terms of fuel costs, as I was passing anyway.  The other supermarkets would have wiped out any savings I could have made on the purchases with the extra fuel it would have taken to get to them.

We haven't bought any cheese this month as we are still eating the blocks we bought from Rosspa before Christmas.  I was disappointed to hear of the closing down of the Rosspa website, although I understand that the Farm shop from which it operated is still trading.  They provided good quality products at reasonable prices, so it is a shame.  Approved Foods continues to flourish, I believe, although I know that Big Brands For Less has ceased to trade and their website now redirects to Approved Foods.

I'm off to Pinterest now to find a bread recipe I pinned ages ago, as I want to make some bread to go with the Leek & Potato soup I have just made for supper.

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