Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Chilly days ahead

The temperature is plummeting here tonight and there is a frost coming outside, and the stars are bright in the clearest sky I have seen for a while!  I'm just here briefly to talk about money...again!  The meal plan is working well this week.  The beef stew was gorgeous and there was a portion left, which the FH had for his lunch on Monday.  The risotto went down well, and then the leek and potato soup happened.

Yes, it "happened".  I made it at lunchtime because I knew I was going out at 2pm and wouldn't be here until about 8.30pm so left instructions that people would be able to just heat up their portions using the microwave, and there was bread if they wanted it.  Well, I came home, and found that the EFG had had her portion at 4pm when she got in from school, and then got hungry later on so had some egg and bacon; the YFG decided that she didn't like the look of it, so she made some cheese scones [in the shape of hearts] and ate those instead; the FH was given a bowl of soup and some scones alongside.  I just had a bowl of soup when I got home, I had another bowl today for my lunch, and there is some left for me or the FH to have I can't say it was entirely successful, but at least everyone ate something, and no one bought anything extra!

Today's meatballs for the gang went fine, and I had corned beef hash, of which there is a portion, with potatoes and veg, in the fridge for my supper tomorrow.

Tomorrow is going to be busy - a school meeting at 8.30am which could go on until lunchtime, then the chapel afternoon group from 1pm, from where I have to leave to pick up the girls for piano and then take the EFG to the optician whilst the YFG is having her lesson.  We expect to land back here about 5.45pm tomorrow night.  I have made a couple of banana cakes and a sponge for the chapel club tomorrow, just got to pop some jam in the sponge in the morning....

I have been distracted this week, so I apologise - I am desperately trying to get a unit of work finished for the preaching course and off to the tutor.  I had to write what amounted to two essays on how sacrifice and the psalms have evolved in worship from OT times, through NT times, and assess how they influence worship today.  With no indication of a word count, I may have gone overboard, but there seemed to be so much to say!  I have written it all out and hope to type it ready to email tomorrow evening.  Then I can concentrate on life until Monday, when I start the next unit.  I am enjoying it, really!


Gill - That British Woman said...

funny thing is the weather is getting warmer over here!!


Ragged Wren said...

Ooo I can't wait to see if we get snow :)

I really like your stand alone pages. i found them very interesting :)

Your leek n potato soup sounds good to me :) Mmmm, wish I'd been there :)

Have a happy weekend.

Lesley said...

A meeting from 8.30am until lunchtime?! Your governors have more stamina than I do! I love the way that the YFG just came in and made cheese scones, that confidence is what I want to impart to my daughter, who is only just a little younger.

Morgan said...

Lesley - that was just me as Chair having that pleasure! I met with the Head and the school inspector and it didn't go on as long as predicted so I was home by 11.30 in the end.

I am pleased with the way that the girls cook, but they do need more practice with the washing up - they are rather reluctant in that respect!

Morgan said...

Ragged Wren - more leek & potato soup going on the next menu as it was so cheap and cheerful; I was given a load of potatoes and that made it even better value. I like to have a pot of soup on the go so I can just take a bowlful, pop it in the microwave and I have lunch made.

Thanks for your kind comments x