Monday, 21 January 2013

A family day

The girls' school is closed today due to the snowfall we have had over the weekend and overnight, and so we have them at home today.  We were up at 6.30am and making the usual preparations for the day when the status changed on the local authority website, and then we checked the school website too, and the girls were thrilled at the thought of a longer weekend!   We have had quite a bit of snow, and I wouldn't be surprised if the Head wanted to close the village school today as well.

Older people are constantly telling us that the schools never closed "in their day" and the FH is one of them.  What I can't get him to grasp is that back then, 65 or 70 years ago, the teachers usually lived in the village or town where they taught, or possibly just a few miles away, and they could walk to school in bad weather, as they probably did all year round.  Today's teachers generally live further from their work - we have just one teacher here who lives in the village at present, although I know another will be moving to the village soon.  The others live between 10 and 30 miles away and travel each day.  At the girls' school, I know of teachers who live even further away.  We have contingency plans for how much of the school we can open depending on how many teachers can get in..........just had the call and we are waiting on hearing from one teacher as to whether she can get here as her presence would tip the balance towards opening.......

So, a day at home, in front of the fire, is on the cards.  I still need to plough on with my studies as normal on a Monday, so I'll be doing that.  The EFG has taken advantage of the day off to go back to bed for a while, and the YFG is watching tv at the moment, although I know it won't be long before she has her head in a book!  There is a slight pink glow to the sky, which looks quite ominous, so I wonder what the day will bring?  Probably more of the white stuff.

I hope that you are all safe and warm if you are in snowy areas of the world - but if you are in somewhere hot and sunny, give us a wave!

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wp2510 said...

Hi Morgan,
I am old enough to remember the bad winter of 1962-63 and the snow hanging around for so you rightly point out, life is now rather different.
There was a bit of a big whinge in our house last night when my 3 discovered their school is open, just starting a bit later...and the injustice of years 7 & 8 not having to go in! Still moaning this morning...Admittedly almost every other school was closed round here, so of course in these technology-fuelled age, all the kids were sending texts and e-mails and BBMs of ecstatic happiness 'cos of no school...didn't help mine as I had to say 'Wait and see'...then we discover the message on the website just short of 9.00 pm!! Oh, the!!