Thursday, 13 November 2014


Spot the difference between these two beds?

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What do you think?  

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The most significant difference for me is the way that the covers on the second bed really hang over the edge.  There is more yardage there, I think.

Bear with me - there is a point to this.  I was changing the sheets on our beds today, and I was thinking about what makes my bed so cosy and appealing, and I realised that it is because I have a king-size duvet on a double bed, so there is plenty of duvet to hang down over the edges and really keep me very snug.  There is no skimping and no danger of drafts!

It occurred to me later on, when I was hanging the king-sized duvet cover on the washing line to dry, and cursing the unwieldiness of the thing, that that yardage theory about the duvet being more secure and less drafty might equally apply to our finances, or our savings in particular. 

A double bed strictly speaking needs a double duvet.  A single wouldn't really be a lot of good.  A king-size one is just that bit more comfortable.

I was having a discussion with the YFG last night about holidays.  She would love to go to Canada, Africa, France, Australia, America, and all sorts of places!  I did agree to consider Dorset, Devon or Cornwall IF we get any further than Norfolk next year.  She knows that I have some savings, and to her young mind, I could afford a bigger holiday than I claim to be able to afford.

But those savings are our yardage.  They are what make life comfortable here, and stop us from feeling that we are living life on the bare minimum, on the edge, so to speak.

They give us security and keep the drafts [worries] at bay.

Some people would say that they can't make any savings, and that they have only enough coming in each week or month to get by.  I'm not naive and I do know that there are really people out there for whom that is the truth.  

Unfortunately, there is another whole group of people who are making choices which they could change, which would in turn allow them to develop a savings plan and make life that little bit more secure.  If you can save up just a few pounds a week or a month into a little emergency fund, then you have made a small start on making your life more comfortable.  We all have to start somewhere, and like our grannies used to say, "look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves". It is very true that getting in to the habit of saving a few pence here and there will soon help you to build up a wee nest egg.  

I'm preaching to the choir here I know, but if it spurs someone on to make a start, all the better. Elaine over at Mortgage Free in Three has some wonderfully thrifty ideas for saving money and would be a wonderful resource for anyone making a start on an emergency fund.

Weird the thoughts that pop into one's mind over the washing machine, eh?!  


simplesuffolksmallholder said...

Such a good comparison ( no, that's not the word I want but I can't think of the word I do want! - brain seized = bedtime)

rabbitquilter said...

My two boys have completely different views on money and savings, yet they have both been bought up the same!! No.1 son has the biggest heart ever and will (and does!) buy his nearest and dearest gifts which are sometimes far too expensive purely because he thinks they warrant it!! This lead to big problems some years ago. He has learnt his lesson but even now spends more than he should. No.2 son, well he is so tight, he squeaks when he walks!!! He is always complaining he has no money to spend, and when I question why, it's because he has put 99% of his wages in his savings!!! I don't know which one is the more exasperating!!!! As for day to day saving, I have been saving 50p's for years, it started when I had small children and no spare money for my hobbies, so that used to add up over the months. I have to say I still do it and I cannot spend a 50p, I would hand over a £20 note rather than spend one!!! But I put about £70 (when my money box is full!) in the bank roughly twice a year. Then 2yrs ago I started the sealed pot challenge and popped every £2 coin I got in my pot. That first time I opened my pot at New Year I had over £500 I was flabbergasted!!! That went in the savings account too. I bought our laptop out of my magic savings account, also a bike for me the next year!! A way to save without really missing the coins. Sorry! I seem to have gone on a bit!! XX

Morgan said...

RQ - well done on such fab savings! And don't worry about "going on" - it's a valuable contribution - good to have you here as usual xxx

SSS - I know what you mean ;)

veeknits19 said...

Yes, savings are a comfort blanket ensuring the worry of big bills doesn't become all consuming anxiety.
By the way the difference between the width of a king sized duvet cover & a double is only about 3 inches - but what a difference it makes. If in doubt about the size of a duvet cover get hold of a corner then hold up the 2 sides against each other, if they are the same length it's a double, one side 3 inches longer & it's a king size. What a mine of useless information! But sometimes invaluable in charity shops!
Have a good day, Vee xx

The Saver Of Suburbia said...

What a great way of looking at it. I will now whenever I am fighting my own King Size duvet cover think to myself, 'yardage, its all about yardage!' A little extra yardage is what thriftiness is all about x

Helen Graham said...

I quite agree. I sometimes feel mean cutting back and trying to eek out every penny on a day to day basis when we have a nice little nest egg stashed away. But what would happen if we spent every penny of that and were then forced to live on the tight budget I impose? There'd be nothing available for emergencies, or for a much needed break from normal routine. Our savings definitely give us that king-sized duvet warmth and comfort you are talking about.

Kev Alviti said...

I thought this was going to be about bed size when I started reading it - when I worked for a national house builder they used to fit sub standard beds to make the rooms feel bigger!

As for keeping a buffer of money we think it's the most essential thing to being able to live how we want and not be hand to mouth like some people we know.

Meanqueen said...

Talking of beds, you've just reminded me. In the winter I usually put a duvet on the bed, then another one on top, and lie between the two. It feels much more cosy, like being in a nest. I must do that tomorrow, get the duvet out of the cupboard where I put it in the summer.

Colleen said...

Late in chiming in with this. However. One does save money if one stays with friends whilst visiting America. Just thought I'd toss that in. ;-)