Saturday, 29 November 2014

Hastening on

The words of the familiar carol came to mind tonight, "For lo, the days are hastening on" and indeed, it seems as if time is flying past us.

Such a lot has happened in the last five months since the FH died, and I can't always remember that it has been so long.  Some days, it seems so much longer, and other days, it is like yesterday.  But that is the nature of grief, I think.

Things have changed: the EFG has almost finished the first half of her first year at Aberdeen Uni, and we are looking forward to having her home in about three weeks or so.  The YFG has completed all her applications for Sixth Form Colleges and we will hear about interviews and acceptances in the Spring.  My job is part of my life now, and I no longer dread it each day, thank goodness!  The driveway has had a facelift, the guttering has been repaired, and we are "doing" a few things around the house.  I have started to make some headway in the Faith & Worship course again after quite a lull.  The days when I really feel the weight of the responsibility as a huge burden don't come quite as often at the moment.  I've had my first ever reflexology treatment - and the YFG is going to go to the chiropodist next week about her in-growing toenails, and she is a little mortified as she thought only old people went to the chiropodist!

We are more than getting by.  God blesses us with friends [and family, most of the time!] who love us and support us.  Just like they always did.  The YFG still loves Sherlock, I still adore soppy films, and love my chooks, and life goes on.  A bit fast at times, but it goes on.


Angela said...

Tell YFG not to worry, one of my two spent a lot of time 'having her feet seen to' in her teens- and now they are absolutely fine. It is better to get these things sorted sooner rather than later. I suspect more teenagers have treatment than let on about it - YFG is not alone! Have a good weekend

rabbitquilter said...

How reassuring to know you are whizzing along life's road, (although by what you tell us you are doing, it must be a motorway!) with love and hope in your heart. It has been such a difficult year for you all and I am so glad life is not quite so stressful now. Having said that, there will be the odd time it will sneak up and bite you on the bottom, it has a habit of doing that. I have recently been 'bitten' which has really floored me, I await test results next Thursday to see where I go from here. There is so much I need to be doing, and I can't. This is all very strange to me, I don't like it!! But there you go - a tight bend in life's road. I will manoeuvre to get round it!!! XX

Lyssa Medana said...

Sending huge hugs for this time - you are in my prayers. Don't forget to look after yourself. WS xxx