Saturday, 15 November 2014

Frugal a way

Today has been a rather good day for the bank balance in some ways, and a bit more challenging in others!  

We finally got to the leek and potato soup for supper tonight.  The YFG had a cheese toastie with hers.  Confession time: the cheese was a slither of double gloucester that I bought the FH when he was having trouble with the hospital food and not really fancying it.  I brought the cheese home when he didn't eat it, and it has been languishing in the fridge ever since.  I didn't really want to open a new block of cheese to make one toastie, so that did the job admirably, and got something used up into the bargain!
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I did the weekly shop this morning when there were very nearly more coaches at gymnastics than children to coach - so I was allowed to go and do my shopping.  Grand sum of £14.86 spent!  That included fresh fruit and veg, bread, and some lunchbox items for the YFG, and squash.  I'm saving the longer list for next week as this week has fallen between two Sainsbury's vouchers as they run from Sunday to Sunday.  I don't usually shop on Sundays if I can help it, so I am saving this week's voucher for next weekend.  We still have loads of meat, fish and veg in the freezer.

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Then I did start to spend some money - with care!

I have had a session of reflexology today.  I was beginning to feel the need to invest in my health and to make sure that I am OK.  When you are the only one to keep the balls in the air, you need to be on top form.  I had some homeopathy from the same practitioner in 2012, and he came to the house this afternoon. I thought it was going to cost £25, but it was only £20 in the event.  I shall see how I feel tomorrow......he said I might feel washed out for a day or so!

And then I let the YFG head off to Peterborough to buy her Christmas present.  Yes, you read that right. You might think it's weird, but it works for us.  The girls know what they are getting, and they look forward to opening their gifts and taking ownership.  The YFG wanted a particular pair of shoes and we looked online for them, but there didn't seem to be any available in her size so it seemed to be the best thing for her to go to the shop and try them on!  She went on her own this afternoon, and it was a very valuable experience for her.  She has to get over the idea that everyone in the shopping centre is looking at her and thinking she's sad because she's on her own - and she took the challenge today.  I was so proud of her when she came home with her purchases.  

Now we are having a quiet night watching Strictly and relaxing.  I'm not sure how tomorrow evening is going to look - I shall miss Downton Abbey dreadfully and I hate the jungle programme with a passion!!

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