Saturday, 22 November 2014

Wearing out

Some things are not designed to last for ever.  I wish they were!  This is my trusty pair of Hawkshead walking boots. They were the FH's years and years ago. We had a pair each, and I wore mine out, and then claimed his because he never wore them.  I think their time is up!

They are definitely dry-weather boots now.

And this heel has even picked up some gravel to fill the holes....

And then there's the wellies.  Strangely enough, these were the FH's too!  Many many moons ago.  I've been wearing them to do the chooks and the gardening for a year or four now.  They have had these cracks in them for a couple of winters now.

Those old ones went in the bin tonight!

I finally treated my feet to a new pair!  The best £12 I have spent in a LONG time!

Weird photo to finish that I took looking down at my feet and then flipped upside down so it looks right.

They are muddy now already.  But my feet were warm and dry in them, and they will make my winter so much more bearable, sloshing about in the mud!

And the walking boots?  Well, yes, I have some new ones, but they aren't quite as comfy, and as long as I stay out of the puddles, I think these ones will "do".   Just another week or two, please?!

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simplesuffolksmallholder said...

I had to read that bit about the photo and flipping upside down twice as the first read i imagined you doing the gymnastics that you teach!!