Saturday, 1 November 2014

Homeward bound

The YFG and the rest of the family will be coming home today, and I can't wait until the YFG is here again tonight!  Peace and quiet is over-rated at times - a day or two is lovely, but by Thursday evening, I was ready to have some noise again........

I want to see the photos that I am sure she will have taken on her phone; I want to hear the stories, about who said what and who moaned about who: there's bound to have been some muttering about something or other!  I'm keen to find out the YFG's opinion on how she thinks that the EFG is doing, and whether that particular flat that they stayed in would be a good place to use again?

I'm looking forward to listening and asking questions - but I am guessing that a good chunk of the story will have to wait until tomorrow, because when the YFG gets tired, she doesn't want to chat!!

I know that there will have been a huge difference between the hills and mountains of Scotland and the flat, wide open spaces of the Fens, and I am interested to see whether she has noticed the difference, whether she is as aware of her surroundings, and what she feels about Scotland now.  I wonder what she thinks about Aberdeen and whether there is any temptation in her mind to want to study there herself.......

I'll let you know tomorrow, folks.  Tonight will be about reconnecting with the YFG xx

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rabbitquilter said...

Enjoy the YFG's company, whether she is quiet or in full flow!! XX