Monday, 3 November 2014

In the kitchen this week

The freezer is getting a little jammed up with home made ready meals, so the YFG will need to eat a few servings of those this week to allow us to get to see what else is actually in there!

She's having a portion of lasagne, which is her undisputed favourite, tonight: I shall probably have some vegetable risotto - I have had it on the menu for the past two weeks and not got round to enjoying it!

The rest of the week holds all sorts of mysteries - I have got to get out there and have a rummage!  I know that there is a portion of spaghetti sauce out there which the YFG will also enjoy with some pasta, but I shall have to think of something else for myself for that night because I know I put some onion gravy granules in the sauce, which means I can't eat it.

I have a bag of jacket potatoes languishing under the sink in the kitchen cupboard, so I know jackets will be on the menu at least once this week.  An easy supper with a tin of beans or tuna, and not too much washing up!

I shall give UJ a portion of home made tomato soup for his tea on Wednesday, accompanied with a beautiful home made miniature cottage loaf bread roll which I was given last night.  There is a wonderful baker at the church I was at last night, and he gave me some bread rolls to bring home, but the YFG thought that the rolls were too substantial for her lunch box, but they will go down well with some soup. I have popped them in the freezer to keep them fresh, but I know UJ will enjoy them.  And that will be another plastic container out of the freezer on Wednesday!

I didn't get my sweet and sour chicken last week, but the YFG isn't keen, so I may not get it this week either.......unless I have it one night, freeze a portion or two. She could have scampi whilst I have that.  But hey! That would be another pot going back into the freezer and defeating the objective for the week.......can't win, can I?

I know that there is some lovely stewing beef in there, so I shall probably get that out for tomorrow. We shall have a long day as we are going to Peterborough for an open evening at a school which the YFG might consider for Sixth Form, and we won't be home early, so that could be a good idea to fire up the slow cooker.

I'll see how it all turns out!

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Frugally challenged said...

I find that making space in my freezer is the easy bit. It's keeping a little bit of space which is more of a challenge