Monday, 24 November 2014

In the kitchen this week

If you ask the YFG for some suggestions for her favourite meals, she's pretty quick to get them up on the board in the kitchen.

She had lasagne up there too until I pointed out that that was a lot of carnivorous eating for one week and she might want to consider some macaroni cheese too - I know she likes that, and I am going to have a go at some of your suggestions from a while back and add some cauliflower too.

The fish pie will be a mini version since it will be a one-portion one.  The Spag bol is an easy one as I have a portion of the meat sauce in the freezer for just such an occasion.  We haven't decided how to have the chicken yet, but we have plenty in the freezer.  

I bought a few more leeks this week so I shall definitely be making more soup tomorrow.  I have some big potatoes too, so a baked potato or two might also go down well.

Let us know what you're cooking this week - I could do with some fresh inspiration!


SusanM said...

Hoping to make bubble and squeak. Have lots of potatoes, onions, bacon and the cabbage was on Super 6 offer in Aldi. Also have breadcrumbs needing using up. Your menu looks really good!

syrahsuzie said...

We are having:
- Aubergine & green bean curry (HFW)
- Chicken, squash & walnut tray bake (x2)
- Macaroni cheese
We haven't had Spag Bol for ages - might try and fit that in next week!

Morgan said...

Bubble and squeak sounds great, and your menu looks good too, Syrahsuzie. Thanks for contributing, both of you. The YFG has had her spag bol tonight and I have a huge pan of soup on the stove, cooling down. I have had a mug full of it already and it is lovely! I think I could eat leek and potato soup all year round but it is more special if I haven't had it for a while, if you see what I mean!

ciao said...

Hi Morgan we are eating our way through the pantry and freezer so some funny meals with beans on toast thrown in. I'm trying to sort the computer desk out as it's buried under a load of brochures etc. pens pencils invoices of stuff I bought years ago so why I'm hanging on to them.... Washer just finished, lunch over, I still haven't read this mornings newspaper so OH will be asking what I've been doing with my time, Love M xxxxxxxxx