Saturday, 8 November 2014

Getting ahead

I did say the other day that I had surprised myself by almost completing the prep for Sunday's service well ahead of schedule, didn't I?  Seems God had a plan!

Last night, I heard that we have a "match" in our search for a new Superintendent minister for the circuit, and she wanted to visit the circuit today.  Today!  The day I would have been up to my eyes in service planning and first of all, she came round and visited the four chapels which would be under her pastoral care, and then we had a tea and chat with her at one of the bigger chapels later on in the afternoon.  I met her first at our chapel at 1.30pm after dashing home from gym a little early.  Then I came home  after about 45 minutes, and had a speedy lunch, and the chat and tea was about 10 miles north of here, so I had to go again to get there for 3pm.

At that part of the day, there were representatives from all of the chapels in the circuit, and we had the chance to listen to her talking about her life and her witness, and a little bit about what makes her tick.  She is a very interesting lady.

After about 45 minutes, she left with her husband to return to her current circuit home in Leeds, and the committee considered whether she would be the right minister for us.

I'm a little surprised about all this, as it was my first time on the invitations committee for our chapel.  We don't have the opportunity to hear her preach, or lead worship.  We have to make the decision based on a quick chat in our chapel and then another brief meeting with her - all over in about 90 minutes.  SO different from other denominations.  I know that the Methodist Church already employs her and we are just calling her to serve with us, but it is a responsibility to get an impression of someone in so short a time.

She seems keen to come to the Fens, and we have asked our senior circuit steward to tell her that we are interested in her coming to us, so we have to wait and give her time to prayerfully consider whether we are the right place for her.......

So I am glad that I am very nearly ready for tomorrow. I left the YFG painting some white paper red as I didn't have time to buy red paper for tomorrow's poppy activity at the chapel, so we had to improvise, and since we had red paint in already, that seemed like a good plan.  Now to consider what an individual poppy petal might look like, and to cut some out.

It is raining cats and dogs here tonight, and so I haven't ventured out yet to close the hen house doors.  I'm waiting for a lull in the downpours. Take care and keep warm this weekend xxx


simplesuffolksmallholder said...

I wonder if sometimes someone travels to the old circuit to hear a preacher before they decide about them coming to the new circuit, that would be a bit sneaky I guess. If Cs mum was still alive I would have asked her.
I hope the petal cutting goes well

Morgan said...

That would be a plan, SSS, except that the matching came through on Thursday evening, our senior steward got in touch with her yesterday morning, and she was here today! No time for any visits of that nature - but I do think [my own opinion, only!] that something like that would be a good idea, or at least to hear her preach here - they could be allowed a weekend to go visiting, I would have thought! They are perhaps going to be spending 5 years here, so it would be better for the minister to have a good look around too!

rabbitquilter said...

What a strange way to choose a new Minister, when the Church I went to was interviewing the poor candidate was asked to take a Service - but always on a Parade Sunday, which was when the uniformed youth organisations were expected to be in Church!! I always thought that was called a Baptism of Fire!!!!! It was many years ago, but the Minister that stood out was the one who distributed sweets during the service!!! It didn't do much good, he didn't stop long!!! a difficult choice though for you and the Committee. Take heed of your previous post, and take care of yourself XX