Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Nectar bonus and Aldi voucher

It's hard going at this time of the year to keep track of all the offers you want to take advantage of!

I managed to double up £10 of my Nectar points today to get £20 worth of items from Sainsbury's.  I bought 4 pairs of earrings and a lovely cosy snood (£10) from the clothing range, and paid in points.  Today was the last day for doing that, so I got in just in the nick of time - good job I had to go to town anyway for gymnastics today!  The earrings are going in the stockings and the snood is for the YFG.  The EFG is choosing some jumpers from New Look and I have sent her cold hard cash, so she isn't being left out.

(image from tr.wikipedia.org)

I have two more of the £6-when-you-spend-£40 Sainsbury's weekly vouchers. I shall be going there later in the week for the grocery shopping.  And then there is the Aldi voucher in the Mirror and Record on Thursday this week.  I definitely need to go there this month!  I want to buy the three-bird roast for the girls' Christmas dinner, which will take care of £10, and then we need to stock up on staples like the shower gel, laundry detergent and tinned items.  Good job it is pay week, I think.

The glasses spend has been fully repaid, thank goodness, and that account is back to where it started. The glasses themselves are not going too well.  I tried to wear them yesterday when I was working but couldn't manage the notepad, the telephone dialling pad and the laptop and the multiple head-swivelling it required, so I had to change back to the normal ones!  I rang the optician to be told that they usually need adjusting a couple of times, so I am to go back on Friday for a tweak - hope it helps!

I have enjoyed two suppers of leek and potato soup and have stashed five more portions in the freezer for weekday lunches.  I love the stuff!  The YFG made her macaroni cheese herself tonight whilst I was at the gym. The chicken is on the plan for tomorrow...


veeknits19 said...

You sound very organised, as ever. Always good to get best value from vouchers and offers. Hope the glasses are fine after the adjustment, Vee x

sweet blondie blue eyes said...

Thanks for the heads up re the Aldi voucher, we are off tomorrow to do a partial Christmas shop.

Where do you find the info re the vouchers? I never seem to find them.

Hope you are both ok, will write later after I am out of my 6 week recovery period for my eye.

Morgan said...

@Vee - thanks! Me too xx

@SBBE - Glad to help - it isn't always easy to find out but I know it is usually the last Thursday of the month, although very occasionally it has been the one before, but it is a case of looking online for the information! Sometimes I find it on their Facebook page, but this time I found it on MSE, for a change. I don't like to tell you all until I have found confirmation somewhere that it is coming.

There was a voucher for Lidl in the Saturday paper that we buy but unfortunately it was in an advertising supplement that our copy had lost by the time we got it home. I was a bit cross that it wasn't in the actual paper but I wouldn't have used that one anyway so no great loss xx

rabbitquilter said...

Actually, thinking about it, when I first got my varifocals, I remember saying I couldn't see across the road, so I too, had a bit of adjustment, well, the glasses did!! XX

SusanM said...

I get the information about the Aldi voucher from this blog!! I know that it's usually the last Thursday of the month for the voucher and I used to get an email from 'Hannah's newsletter but it doesn't seem to be included in hers or Martin's money tips any longer. Thank you. Off to buy my paper this morning. Then I will use the rest of the paper to stuff into wet walking boots (desperately needing a new pair but have too many huge bills coming up).