Friday, 21 November 2014

A savings boost

Excellent news tonight - I have had a busy evening at gymnastics and come home quite worn out, so I sat down at the laptop to have a browse and see what had been going on this afternoon in the world.  

I have received my payslip from the new job by email, and they are paying me back some of the tax they took last month.  The tax man has sorted out my tax arrangements, and I shall be getting about £100 back - so where do you think that will be going?  

(image from

Quite right - straight into the savings pot, and that will be another £100 off the debt to the savings for the glasses!

That will mean that the money is three-quarters restored.  Result.

I do like positive emails like that, don't you?

Thank you for all the comments about the glasses, by the way.  I am very grateful for all the advice. I am going to try the suggestion of increasing the amount of time that I wear them by two hours a day, and see if that works.  I shall persevere!  

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