Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Looking around for the next move

The YFG is thinking hard at the moment - and it seems to give her headaches!  We have to make decisions soon about Sixth Form applications.  Does she want to stay where she is, head into Peterborough or trek into Cambridge?  Those are the three basic options, and we have to look into the options, see what each place has on offer and consider the pennies too.

Staying where she is will be the most comfortable option: the same bus into school each day, some of her friends still there, and familiar teachers and environment.  Peterborough will be completely different in that it is a faith school, she will have to wear a uniform into the Sixth Form and it is a new place to her.  Cambridge will be somewhere in between - no uniform but a new place and new friends to make.  Either of the last two will also involve a much longer day - she would leave here at 7.15am to do the Peterborough thing, and the Cambridge trip would be a similarly early start!

And the pennies?  There'll be a uniform to buy for Peterborough but not for the other two options, but then she would probably need more of her own clothes after wearing uniform for the last five years. Train fares would be needed for Peterborough and either bus or train for Cambridge - all to be considered.

The final decision will be a case of which place offers the courses, and the combination of courses she wants to do, and at which we feel she will achieve the most, in the happiest way!


SusanM said...

Are there any bursaries to help her with transport or specific courses or even with uniform? You could ask the various schools or try independent bursaries. My son has travelled to school since 12 years old and it was a big change to begin with as his primary school was just 5 minutes walk from home. I think children in England now have to remain in full time education until 18, am I right? Our children can leave school at 16 in Scotland and start working. Good luck with your decision making. A friend's daughter is considering going to college in England at 16 rather than study the A level courses on offer at her school x

Morgan said...

@SusanM - the EFG had a sixth form bursary to help with her travel costs as we had to pay for a bus pass when she went in to the sixth form. I imagine, but I do have to confirm, that if the YFG stayed at the same school we may not have any travel costs now that the rules have changed about compulsory education until 18. I know that the train fare is subsidised, and our friend at that school is paying about £60 a month for the fare. It is doable, and if it is what she want to do, I'll do it! I shall investigate any other help available too! Thanks x

SusanM said...

Although 5th and 6th year aren't compulsory up here, my son has free bus travel as long as he goes to a zoned school. I forgot to suggest second hand school uniform if she changes school. I had a school uniform grant when I was at school due to family circumstances changing. The grant was mentioned in a recent school newsletter so that might be worth investigating too. I think my friend in Stamford looked at the school you are looking at in Peterborough x

veeknits19 said...

Just catching up with online news. Glad the week went well for all. I hope that you find a good placement for YFG's sixth form studies, and that the finances and travel fall into place. Vee x