Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Seeing more clearly

I finally got my hands on my new "granny goggles" [as one of you told me they could be called] strange they are to begin with!  It had taken two weeks from the day I paid for them to actually getting them, which I did think was a trifle slow, but the lady at the optician's said they had had trouble with glazing them.  I have them now though!

I'm not wearing them all the time, as they take a little bit of getting used to - I'm breaking myself in, a bit at a time.  It feels a little strange to have to be conscious of where I am looking to be sure that I am using the right part of the lens, but I think that once I get used to it, it will become second nature and I shan't have to give it a thought.

I've managed to put half the money back in the savings fund.  I hope to have the rest of it put back by the end of the month.  I know that the emergency fund is bound to be needed again before too long, so it's good to get it topped back up as soon as I can.

The EFG had a little bonus yesterday when one of her Premium Bonds came up in Ernie's draw - a cheque for £25 arrived for her so I have sent that northwards so that she can pay it into her account.  She was very pleased to hear that last evening - she has another cold, so it cheered her up.


SusanM said...

Good luck with your granny goggles. My husband has just got his first pair of grandad specs (reading glasses) as he didn't like the thought of varifocals. I found kerbs the most difficult wearing varifocals - how high to lift your foot. There seem to be too many bugs going round NE Scotland at the moment - hope EFG gets better soon. Apart from the cold, how is she getting on? We could do with some sunshine up here - far too much rain at the moment x

Mindo said...

I've been baring varifocals for 10+ years and agree that they take a bit of getting used to! Persevere tho' and your brain will make the switch. I also wear contact lenses, with the reading lense in one eye, and the distance in the other. Until recently I never wore them for long enough for my brain to work out how to see properly, but my brain has finally worked out how to interpret the signals and I can now both read and walk around! You can teach an old dog to do new tricks!

Morgan said...

@SusanM - thanks, she's working hard!

@Mindo - even the thought of those contacts is making me squirm. I couldn't get on with contacts and kept losing one round the back of my eye and hated it!

Angela said...

Like SusanM I found changing levels the hardest to cope with at first [coming down stairs especially] but now I don't think about it. Persevere and it will all come right in the end. PS had mine for at least 10 years and no sign of becoming a granny yet - can I get a refund from the optician??!!

Morgan said...

Lol, Ang, I am not ready to be a granny yet either!!