Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Using up

In the spirit of Frugal Queen's post today, I have also had a bit of a using-it-up day today!  Last night I made a huge pot of gorgeous chicken stew in the slow cooker because the YFG and I were out at another Post 16 Open Evening.  We enjoyed it last night but I could just tell that the YFG wasn't up for it again tonight, so I re-incarnated it as chicken soup via a good blitz with my hand blender and hey ho, the leftovers have become some scrummy chicken soup.  One portion of that for my lunch and two more into the freezer.

Tonight she is feeling very sorry for herself with a horrible cold so she wanted some scampi and chips.  I, on the other hand, had another rummage in the fridge, and brought out half a leek, a couple of button mushrooms and a slice or two of bacon, which magically transformed themselves in to one of my favourite meals - risotto.  Winners all round, food from the stores and fridges, and full bellies to go to bed on tonight.

Tomorrow, sausages!

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