Friday, 17 October 2014

Warm hearts keep heads warm too

Whichever way

you look at it

a lovely reader has been a very busy bee!

Plain hats and 

stripey hats!

All these lovely hats arrived in the post yesterday from a super lady who has knitted them for the Operation Christmas Child boxes we are doing for the children abroad who are in need.  There are a baker's dozen hats there, plenty for nearly half the boxes I plan to do.  With my other dedicated  knitting ladies locally, we have plenty of hats to keep some little heads warm on chilly days and nights.

How kind!  Thank you very much xx


Bridget said...

How kind x We go to a meet in March where we give in all our knitted garments for the following Novembers shoeboxes, it's lovely to see it piled high on the table.
Unfortunately our church doesn't have anyone to organize the shoe boxes so we give things to other churches around our area that we know do them.
Do you knit the items for the boxes throughout the year?

Morgan said...

You sound very organised - I don't think we had thought about knitting in March, much less had things ready to hand in! I think I got the ladies going with the knitting in the summer, so they have been busy knitting hats since July. They have done extremely well. I just knit as and when I have time - I started knitting myself a cardigan, but that is still waiting for more attention, whilst I have been busy on hats!

veeknits19 said...

Lovely hats, Vee x

rabbitquilter said...

What a lovely big pile of hats! A lady at our quilting group does her boxes all through the year with the help of anyone who wishes to. Mary loves the empty shoe boxes I can provide because all mine are for size 13 upwards, with my big-footed boys and their friends!!! We are working on next years now as this years consignment went last week!!!! XX