Wednesday, 1 October 2014

October starts here

I've had a very expensive September, with all the big items I have spent out on around the house, not least the chair which arrives today from the furnishing shop - the FH and I chose two new chairs a couple of weeks before he died, and the company kindly allowed me to cancel that order because the chairs were specifically for his comfort and size.  Because they were so good, I used the deposit towards one smaller chair, which has been made in the fabric of our choice, to blend in with the sitting room.  The FH's old, second-hand recliner has got to move out, and I shall be researching the best way to dispose of it next week.  One thing at a time.

I shall be joining in with Sue at Our New Life in the Country with her Stoptober challenge of not spending in October.  There is probably enough of most items here for us for the month, including toiletries, loo rolls, detergents and stuff like that.  The only things I shall most likely need are fresh items like fruit for lunchboxes, and ham for the YFG's sandwiches, for example.  I am going to allow us a budget of £100 for the month, for any spends, apart from diesel, because I can't cut back on that any more than I do, living where we do in the middle of nowhere.....

I need to rebuild our savings which have been a little depleted.  The trip to Aberdeen at the end of the month will also cost a little.  The YFG is going with my sister and UJ.  Since UJ would like to go, I shall stay at home and keep the home fires burning, as they say.  I shall be working.  I'm going to look for some accommodation for them this week.  I am a little sad not to be going, but I went up in March, and I want the YFG and UJ to have the chance to go and see where she is up there.  This week is really the only good time to see her there in our school holidays - apart from the February half term, every other holiday that the YFG gets off school, the EFG will be home too!

In November, I shall have to think about Christmas!

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Bridget said...

Christmas has already been mentioned in this house and I've seen decorations creeping into Asda this week! How fast did that year go?