Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Keeping record

The YFG has had the first spend of the month from our £100 - she has asked for a £1.99 book to download onto her tablet from the Amazon Kindle store.  I allowed it.

The YFG has not always been a good reader,  in both senses of the word.  She read her first book when she was about 6, sitting on our bed here, at 10pm one night, quite spontaneously.  It was an Oxford Reading Tree Biff and Chip book, and it was a heck of a surprise that night - we had been reading to her for years, and encouraging her, but she had been reluctant, so we were delighted when she revealed how well she had been taking it all in!

Even so, she was not that keen on reading, until she got her reading glasses when she was about 12, and all of a sudden, she took off!  The glasses just tipped the balance with a muscle in her eye, which had been a struggle for her to control - and she was rocking!  She reads every night, she takes a book with her in the car, and on journeys, and she loves to read - I am so pleased.

And so I support and encourage her in that.  She reads all sorts of books, but unfortunately, she finds few of them in our local library, and I do indulge her choices as often as I can.  Our copies of the Harry Potter books and the Twilight books are extremely well thumbed, and she has read and reread all of them several times.

Reading is a gift, and I am so sad that some children never really "get" it - it can open windows into new worlds, offer inspiration, comfort and be a very valuable way of spending family time together.

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Bridget said...

My hubby and I love books, we have about five bookcases around the house full of them. It's strange how all five children have been brought up within the environment of having loads of books around and right to hand yet some are avid readers and others are not. I really thought as we read all the time they would follow our behaviour but that didn't go to plan!