Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Away she goes

The YFG and UJ have set off from here this morning on their travels.  They are heading over to my sister's house, where they will transfer all their stuff into my sister's car, and then they will be off, up the A1 to Aberdeen.

(photo I took on our visit earlier this year)

They are well provisioned with sandwiches and snacks for the journey, and my sister was in charge of making a flask of coffee for the adults, as the YFG has some squash.  All that they will need at the service stations will be the loos!

I have sent parcels for the EFG too - washing powder bought on offer, a knitting book [with wool and needles], a chemistry book and some revision charts from her bedroom wall, and some goodies - she asked for home made cheese scones and flapjack, so they are carefully packed in there too - just hope that they don't get raided en-route!

They are going to be staying in an apartment in Peterculter which is just outside Aberdeen.  It was tricky to find anything self-catering in Aberdeen with parking, so they are just a little way outside.  They are hoping to arrive by 7pm and take the EFG out for a meal tonight.

And me?  I am working this week, and already this morning I have had a tidy round, sorted the chooks and rabbit, and got a load of washing in that the YFG had left in the basket.  I have an optician's appointment on Thursday, but don't really expect to leave the village apart from that.  I need to get my head down and tackle Faith & Worship in some of the time I have, and the OCC boxes need to be packed this week too!

It is a lovely sunny morning here today, so I shall enjoy sitting outside under the verandah in the sun when I have a tea break later xxx


simplesuffolksmallholder said...

I hope you get everything done that you want to and have a little rest time too

sweet blondie blue eyes said...

I hope UJ YFG and your sister have a great time with EFG and you get a bit of time to relax whilst YFG is away.

rabbitquilter said...

Enjoy your week. Sometimes it is nice to be alone, it gives to time to think and re-gig things!! X