Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Life going too fast

Yes, today seems to have been packed full and just whizzed past at too fast a speed!

I've worked for 90 minutes, been to school for a meeting, come home and eaten some lunch before doing another 90 minutes on the phone, got changed and headed off to gymnastics, then had to do some shopping [no, not for me!] and then finally came home at last.

Shut up the chickens and put out the rubbish and then I can collapse and enjoy the stewing steak casserole that went into the slow cooker at 7.30 this morning.  It is delicious and there are at least two more meals for the two of us, so that is currently cooling, ready for some of it to go into the freezer and some into the fridge for tomorrow.

I've since had a 45 minute phone call from a friend in a wee crisis, and then 15 minutes listening to the EFG.

The bath is calling me, and I would love to spend half an hour knitting, but I may not have the energy!

I really hope that there aren't too many more days like this this week, because I'll need some oomph-boosting otherwise!  The up-side of all this activity is that there is less time to dwell on things, which is good.

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