Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Just helping out

It is sad that this is necessary in this day and age, but it is rewarding to be able to help out another mum who finds herself in a bad situation.  The church is donating a small amount of food each week to a young mum in the village for a couple of weeks whilst her benefits get sorted out.  Through no fault of her own, she has found herself in dire need, and we have been glad to be able to provide her with a small amount of fresh food and necessary items.  This was last week's shopping for her.

We have also been able to direct her to a local food bank which is also helping her out for three weeks, but since their donation to her is largely tinned and dried foods, we are carrying on helping for another couple of weeks, providing fresh foods such as bread, ham and cheese, fruit, and dairy items, for example.  The school is also helping by arranging a school lunch for the mum each day so that we know she and her child have a good meal once a day.

This week, the church's donation is going to include a few books, a colouring book and some new colouring pencils, and a warm hat and matching scarf, from my stash, for the child.  

When all of the groups working together have one aim, we can do good things.  Our aim is simple, and we want that child to have a happy childhood, just as all children deserve.

It is another Esther 4.14 moment - "for such a time as this" we are in this place and position and able to help.  


Wendy P. said...

Hi Morgan,
How lovely of everyone where you live to rally round like this to support someone in difficulty, regardless of what their own circumstances may be. A wonderful example of true community. I really hope this lady gets her benefits sorted soon -- in the meantime, such love and sharing is wonderful. I'm particularly struck at the way the school is also contributing with a meal for Mum...real family support. (What's that African saying -- 'It takes a village to raise a child'?). Fantastic. Love and appreciation to you and everyone in your community. And your post is particularly timely Morgan, with tomorrow being World Food Day. xx
Wendy P.

Karen said...

Your post has warmed my heart, what a lovely caring comunity you live in. The Mum and child will be really grateful for all your help and it will mean a lot to her. I visited a new charity shop last week and saw that it was across from a Food Bank, I will check tomorrow if its open, if it is then I intend to pop into Aldi and get a few things to donate. Every little helps a family in need.

Morgan said...

Yes, the school has received a donation in order for them to be able to provide the lunch, so it is a team effort all round!

Thank you both - it's always good to help out where we can x

Sue in Suffolk said...

So often this type of poverty in villages and countryside is hidden so I'm glad that someone noticed and was able to help. What a nice place you live in.

A Suffolk Girl said...

How lovely for your church to do that. When I was young my childhood was far from happy resulting of me going into a foster home. But before that I remember going to a little ladies house for tea three or four times a week and used to have the most amazing meals. At the time I didn't appriciate it fully I was only eight but now I know she did it so I had some decent food into me each week. I will always be thankful to her for her kindness and generosity.

veeknits19 said...

How wonderful that the community has rallied round this lady, I hope her benefits get sorted out soon. Very heart warming to hear of this support, Vee xx

Angela said...

I love that Esther verse- and I am so pleased your community is being so supportive x

Morgan said...

Yes, I realised when the FH died what a wonderfully supportive and kind community we have here. It's Esther again - this is the right place for us right now.