Friday, 3 October 2014


There's one in particular that I won't be taking part in this month, when we are Stoptobering.

Therapies should surely make one feel better, or soothe a physical ache, or a mental pain.  For me, there is no better way than to get outside and enjoy some sunshine or fresh air.

Being with my family, reading a good book, cosying up to the woodburner with a mug of tea and a film or my knitting on a weekend afternoon, the smell of furniture polish, or a mooch around the garden, looking at what's changing, talking to the cat or chatting to the chooks.

A plate of warm rice pudding with a dollop of home made jam.  Yorkshire pudding.  Thick stew full of vegetables and the flavour of some beef, a roast chicken dinner with lashings of gravy.  A light Victoria sponge made so that I can indulge...

The Christmas tree lights twinkling in the corner and the snow carpeting the ground outside.  A Sunday morning service in the chapel with friends, singing hymns loud and free.  A letter from a friend.  A jolly good book.

All ways that I enjoy feeling happy, satisfied and content.

If someone offered me the opportunity for a spot of retail therapy, I'd politely decline.  Each to their own, but mooching around a shopping centre or town for hours on the off chance that one might see the very thing is not my idea of fun.  It's a chore, something that very occasionally just has to be endured, but I need therapy to get over it!!  I've been to Cambridge and Peterborough this year with the girls, and whilst I enjoyed spending time with them, I just don't like the aimlessness of the wandering.......just want to look at that, perhaps there'll be a better one in there....end up back at the first shop an hour later...... Just as well, then, that we won't be spending too much time in the shops this month.  Thank goodness.

And Christmas shopping?  If I can't buy it in one of the local shops for preference, or on t'internet, we don't need it.

How are your plans for the month shaping up?  Are you Stoptobering too?


SusanM said...

Definitely Stoptobering (actually 'Stopped' several months ago in the run up to massive house repairs needing done and not wanting to take out a loan to do them). I'm with you on the shopping - all my Christmas shopping will be done in local shops. I can't bear trailing round shopping centres. I'm one of those people who only go near the shops when I need something then it's straight in, buy it and home again. Dragging a teenage son round is a good incentive not to go shopping (the moaning starts before the car is parked!!) Thank goodness for the internet!

Cheapchick said...

The only kind of shopping therapy I ever partake in is thrift store shopping - and usually most of the money stays in my purse. I enjoy a good look around them though. Regular retail shopping does absolutely nothing for me. I love Christmas lights, was thinking the other day as the daylight gets shorter that candles/lights sure would be nice and soothing. I best dig out the candles this weekend.