Friday, 10 October 2014

Purse closed

I have had a good week with our not-spending challenge so far, although there will be a few fresh items that we need to pick up this weekend.  The YFG embraced the challenge last Saturday when we went shopping: I told her that we had to stick to a budget, and she made sensible choices about the things we needed, compromising over things she would really have liked in order to stay within the budget.  A very useful lesson for a teenager, I thought, and well done on her part.  I hope she is as enthusiastic this weekend!

In fact, the only time I have opened my purse these last couple of days has been to put money INTO it, when I sold some eggs to the ladies at the jigsaw group at the chapel yesterday afternoon.

We are eating from the freezer this week, and it is going well - I am going to cook up some mince this morning for spag bol and cottage pie, and then when we come home from gym tonight, we will just cook some veg and pasta for today's meal, and tomorrow I can pop some potato on the top of the other half of the mince, and tomorrow's dinner will be done too.

Last night, I sat and finished the hat that had been languishing on my needles for a month or so, and I also enjoyed writing some letters.  Since the FH died, people have been putting pen to paper and actually sending me letters and cards through snail mail, and it has been really lovely to read their letters.  I have enjoyed writing back to some of them, and there are a few still to go, but I am getting there, and loving it.  Being able to hold a letter in your hand and read, re-read and reflect, is a blessing.  The kindness of people continues, and it is a great help to know that others are thinking of us, however they communicate that with us.


ann lynagh said...

Sending encouragement,you have kept your family going following this sad time.Find solace in your faith and family,

God bless,

Ann Marie

simplesuffolksmallholder said...

I love letters too, but so many of the people I write too now read my blog so I feel I'm just repeating what they have read already, that's made me very lazy about letter writing TUT!

Morgan said...

Thanks for popping in, friends.

My blog is different in that the people I know in real life don't tend to know about this blog, apart from a family in the USA who I let into the secret in order that we can keep up through our blogs. There are a couple of blog readers who I have got to know in real life, who I have met and who I am hoping to meet soon, but otherwise, this is a separate entity and so I don't have that element of duplication.

Good to hear from you xx

Anonymous said...

Hello, love reading your blog and although our paths are different in some ways I really can relate to so much that you write about. Sending you lots of love and wishing you a happy weekend xx

Dc said...

Can't beat a proper letter but I haven't had one for years.

Bridget said...

I love receiving letters, although a rare occurrence. We do write them quite often. I found I would write a proper letter but the recipient would email me back!! Funny!