Monday, 20 October 2014

In the kitchen this week

I have come across a good resource that you might like to have a look at.  A home cook shares 40 recipes for slow cooker food, but with a slight twist.  The meals are frozen in bags in their raw state, but with all the ingredients together in a bag, seasonings and all.  She removes one meal from the freezer the night before the family want to eat it, and in the morning, when it is thawed, it is all popped straight into the slow cooker, so that it is ready to eat when they are all home from school and work in the evening.  All they usually do is add cook fresh veggies to accompany the main meal at the last minute.  I like this idea - the thought of having all the prep work done is great!

This week we have to finish off some of the suggestions from last week which we didn't get around to eating - and the slow cooker beef stew was brilliant so I am looking forward to the leftovers one night.

Slow cooker beef stew leftovers
Corned beef hash/cold corned beef with mash
Baked potatoes with tuna/cheese/beans

And some things we haven't had for a while:

Sticky chicken, served with rice and veggies
Meatballs with spaghetti for the YFG and mash for me

And I am sure that there will be a night for raiding the freezer for easy meals - I know that there are leftovers in there:

Lasagne/mozzarella spaghetti/scampi and chips - for the YFG

On a night when she is having one of those, I am quite likely to opt for a quick veggie risotto!

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Bridget said...

Just read some of her recipes, they look fantastic. What a brilliant idea.