Friday, 10 October 2014

Lidl voucher

Just a quick one tonight about a Lidl voucher.  There is a Facebook page for Lidl, and for those people who have "liked" the page, there is a voucher for £5 off when you spend £30 there this weekend.  It is very specifically only valid on Saturday and Sunday, so if you are likely to be able to benefit from that, and you have a Facebook account, I would recommend that you head over there and download the voucher!

For those of you not on Facebook, there is a link to another website which is sharing the information HERE and you may find it easier to access.

If I can make tomorrow's shop quite precise at £30, I shall achieve my target of spending £25 or less each week this month.  Calculator at the fore, I think.  At the moment, my list only has garlic on it, so I shall have to have a look through the cupboards and see whether we even need to go shopping!

Have a good weekend, and thanks for being here this week - just like a minister friend says, "it wouldn't be the same without you!"


Deborah W said...

Thanks for this. I'm stocking up on things for my Christmas cakes and tinned stuff in case we are snowed in over winter :) This will be a great help.

Deborah x

veeknits19 said...

Thanks for the link, I'm not on FB, but I've printed the voucher @ I'm set to go. Just been reminded on Ang's blog that it's only 11 weeks until you-know -what! Hope your weekend is good, will be thinking of you, Vee :) xx

veeknits19 said...

Thanks again, Lidl shop completed, some Christmas goodies safely stored out of sight, as well as some essentials stocked up. Raining here, so can't do any gardening, might have to sit and knit for a while!:)Vee x

Kim @ Him, Him Me said...

Hi Morgan,
Thanks for that, used it to stock up for the winter. Think of you often