Thursday, 2 October 2014

Ahead of the weather

Here's a photo post to lighten the reading!  With all the rain we have forecast in the next few days, I thought I would spend a bit of time in the garden after I finished my phone shift this morning.
The sun is shining and there's lots to do!

Pots to wash and stash away.  Not today though.

 Here's Shadow who does literally follow me around the garden.  If I am busy, she will sit nearby and just watch - she's not bothered if she doesn't get too much attention, but the company seems to be what she's after.  She's gorgeous!

Still picking tomatoes - these are Sweet Million.  Very sweet, and loads of them!  I have picked some to take to the chapel ladies this afternoon.

And the chooks!!  They come running every time we go out, just in case we had a tidbit for them.  Well, they were lucky as there were a couple of crusts left from the YFG's breakfast, so that kept them occupied for all of about, ooh, two seconds?!

We have lots of wood, ready for the winter fires.  This heap is close to the house, and the plastic sacks are just to keep the worst of the rain off.

Above the woodpile there, I have knocked some nails into the rafters this afternoon and hung some bean plants up to dry.  I haven't done this before and just thought it might be a good idea.  The beans are Ferrari, and have done very well this year, so I hope that I could get some more to plant out next year if I let the pods dry out under here.

And here's the new chair which I shall enjoy sitting in when all the work is done!
Yes, I know it doesn't "go" with the enormous rug, but I'm not one to bother about that, particularly.  We'll probably take that rug up when we eventually sell the house, and until then, it is trying to keep the carpet underneath a little cleaner, as well as protecting it from sparks from the fire occasionally.

Think of me here tonight, reading my book, perhaps.  It is very comfy!


simplesuffolksmallholder said...

Hope you have a good sit, and a good read!

A Suffolk Girl said...

I love the colours and patten of the chair. A perfect reading chair.

Morgan said...

Two Suffolk ladies here today - good to see you both! Thanks for popping in. I am having ten minutes blog-hopping tonight, sitting in the chair, and I have been reading your blogs - your amazing pumpkins, SSS, and the trials and tribulations of your allotment, ASG.

Hope to see you again soon xx

Andrea Williams said...

I love your chair it looks so comfy we are looking to get one for my hubby.