Saturday, 25 October 2014

Free money

I had a sort out and a filing session in the office last night. It was therapeutic, and whilst I did it, I  chatted with my dad for half an hour, and with the EFG.  She was telling me about lecturers and fun at uni!

The sorting has prompted me to have a look at the vouchers and points I have been accumulating over the year.  

I have already cashed out £60 in Amazon vouchers from Shop'n'Scan but I have got another £20 in there ready to be pulled out when I want it.

(image from

I have been sent a voucher code for £9 from the old Amazon card that I had which has been converted into a MBNA card.  

(image from

I have about £17 on my Nectar card too.  That other supermarket is also about to send out some more vouchers, but I still have £26.50 unspent in older vouchers.  


All in all, I reckon I have got just over £70 in free money which I have acquired through my shopping, scanning the shopping, and buying what we need.  This will come in very handy for that big "expensive" event we have coming up in December.  I have begun to nag the girls for some clues as to what they would like........


veeknits19 said...

Wow, that's impressive,I'm sure it will help for that event in December. It's difficult here to find out what people might want when they just reply airily that it ages away! I do like to get organised in advance! Vee x

Lyssa Medana said...

I am right behind you - Boots points are still accumulating slowly so I will probably save for another time, I live on ebay and get Nectar points there so that's Christmas booze sorted out and I have just cashed in £20 of Amazon vouchers for rewards. It isn't a haul like yours, but I am grateful. It's amazing what you can do. WS xxx