Tuesday, 21 October 2014


Finding 5 minutes to sit down and relax sometimes means that I look around and feel bad about all the things which are still to be done.

Tina over at The Quiet Home posted a link to a fantastic article in her post yesterday, and I was pleased to read that sitting with my knitting is actually good for my health!  Saying that we should choose "needles over Netflix" the article explains how crafts are good for the brain, the joints and the spirits too!

Just lately, since I have started the new job, I have had to find something different to do for twenty minutes or half an hour whilst I have a cup of tea in between sessions on the computer, and sometimes I do things like pushing the hoover around or hanging out the washing, but other times, I take the time to just sit and knit.....and it is great!

Some time ago, I remember reading on Rhonda's blog at Down To Earth that she and Hanno take time each morning to stop for morning tea together, and just take some time to relax for a few minutes, and I think that that is a great idea.

I have just started, in the last two weeks, to make a weekly list of jobs I need to do - things like the cleaning chores, cleaning out the chooks and the rabbit, paperwork and bills that need attention - and making sure that I try to get most of them crossed off by the end of the week.  Today I have cleaned the bathrooms, completed the ironing and put it away in the airing cupboard, changed the beds and cut the front lawn, for example, so I feel satisfied that I have done some of the jobs on the list, even though there are plenty of things left for the rest of the week!

I think pacing oneself is the name of the game!  Knitting keeps me out of mischief and away from the shops too.....


Lyssa Medana said...

You sound like you are getting things under control. Take care WS xxx

Bridget said...

Totally agree with this article. (No surprise there!) I've knitted since I was five, I mostly knit in the evening and I have definitely found over recent years since I've had the children that it de-stresses me. When I pick up those needles they clack like mad and they slow down as the stress leaves my body. I love the thought that something negative like stress turns into something positive like a garment for somebody to wear. Also that the love in each stitch is still there no matter what the reason behind you knitting is.
The same goes for crochet!

veeknits19 said...

Yes, pacing yourself is definitely the way to go, housework is like the painting of the Forth Road Bridge - in that it's never really done! So glad you are managing the new job as well as getting things done, ticking things off a list always feels like an achievement I think.
Knitting is very therapeutic, I haven't had time to read & digest the article Tina gave a link to, but have bookmarked it for later. Have you seen the work @ stitchlinks on the benefits of knitting? It's @ - http://www.stitchlinks.com/ - I've cut & pasted an excerpt from their intro. It's a very accessible site. I'll come clean- my only involvement in stitchlinks is in reading their site and enjoying knitting - I've always found it therapeutic, especially during life's up and downs, or after a gruelling day at work.

"Stitchlinks is pioneering an exciting approach to healthcare which could have global implications and a massive, positive impact on wellbeing.

Our mission is to use knitting and other activities to improve wellbeing generally, but also to complement medical treatments in the self-management of long-term illness. We are working closely with academics and clinicians, and as a direct result, therapeutic knitting and therapeutic knitting groups are being formally acknowledged by leading clinicians and academics for their benefits in mainstream healthcare.
Our focus is on the use of therapeutic knitting as a healthcare tool – unravelling the neuroscience behind the bilateral, rhythmic, automatic movements and the complex combination of physiological, psychological, behavioural, social and creative benefits experienced.

Stitchlinks also provides the basic ingredients to support individuals in managing change through life's normal ups and downs and long-term health issues, to improve health, wellbeing and outlook on life, whatever the initial circumstance. Discover ongoing support, information and a community of friends who understand and care."

Sorry that was one long quote, I did manage to omit some of their intro though! Yes, knitting is great, I'm still knitting hats for the shoeboxes. Shoebox checking starts in November around here. Have a good day, Vee xx

simplesuffolksmallholder said...

There's nothing like ticking things off a list to make you feel better!

rabbitquilter said...

Crikey! If you have done all those jobs today, you more than deserve to sit down and knit - if you have the energy left!!!!!XX