Sunday, 12 October 2014

Day out

When I came home from chapel this morning, I acted on impulse and offered the YFG a day out at the Autumn Show at the Peterborough showground.  We had been to the show regularly for years, as exhibitors, selling Usborne Books, and then with poultry in the poultry sale there.  It was quite different today, going as normal punters!

One of my favourite parts of the show has always been the Giant Vegetables!  We saw some amazing specimens today.

A very weird carrot.

I thought of SimpleSuffolkSmallholder and her own enormous pumpkins when I saw this one!

We saw some beautiful chickens in the chicken exhibits, and this was one of my favourites.  

Giant cabbages - really really big!  I have no idea how many people one of those would feed but it would be more than your average family of four!

Leek for soups aplenty.

We watched this chap for nearly half an hour - the Dog and Duck show - and it was really entertaining and informative. It helped me to understand more about dog behaviour in just half an hour!  

When we got home this afternoon, the YFG snuggled up with a fleece blanket to begin with, but we thought it was a perfect day to light the fire for the first time this season, and we have had a lovely evening by the fire.  Some knitting has been done, the ironing has been completed, and Downton Abbey has been watched.  Time to head off to bed, I think!


Bridget said...

Sounds like a perfect day. It's always nice to be snuggled up in front of the fire knitting.

veeknits19 said...

Sounds like a lovely day for you both. Yes, it's definitely time to have some form of heating on and the fire looks so invitingly cosy. Glad you told us that pic was a carrot, I'd never have guessed, I was thinking weird sweet potato!
Have a good week, Vee x