Sunday, 19 October 2014

Harvest Festival

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Today is one of my favourite services at the chapel, when we have the village brass band in to play the hymns for us.  They usually have a little set in the middle of the service and bash out some tunes of their own choice as well as the hymns.  They are really good, and people come from all over the circuit for this service.  Ours is one of the last Harvest celebrations in the circuit, and so most of the other churches have already had theirs and people are keen to come and share in one last fling at Harvest!  

A baker from the north of the circuit has made a wheatsheaf out of bread, and it has been to several of the other harvest services - he has told me that he has given it to our minister in order that we can have it on display this afternoon - so I just hope he remembers to bring it along!

There will be a Harvest Supper and auction of donated produce on Tuesday which will involve plenty of preparation and perspiration, I am afraid, but it is a lovely tradition and I love it!!  Personally, I would prefer to encourage people to bring items suitable for donation to the local food bank, but it is hard to change traditions so I shall continue to work on that one.  


Morgan said...

We've had a lovely afternoon, and the bread wheatsheaf made it as well! My dad has been over with MB, and they stayed for a chat and a cuppa. I am off to retrieve the YFG now....

Sue said...

I can see the advantage of lots of tinned produce for the food-banks, but when I first say the array of food in a photo from my grandsons harvest festival at school I was dismayed.

Not one single fresh item to be seen, just lots of tins and packaged junk food.

A centre piece of bread or a basket of fruit would have looked more appropriate somehow.