Monday, 17 February 2014


No pictures, I am afraid, but yesterday was a glorious day in the Fens.  I sat outside under the verandah with a cup of tea when I had been hard at work cleaning out the chicken houses.  It made me think, as I sat there and looked around.  16 or 17 things to be thankful for yesterday:

Sitting outside in the sun, warmth on my face.
Three birds sitting on a neighbour's aerial, against the backdrop of the clear blue sky.
The cat, languishing in the warmth of the patio.
A gentle breeze, rippling the leeks, nearly finished now.
The sound of the chooks, chuntering to one another in their run.
Satisfied feeling of bedding all the chooks down on clean fresh shavings this afternoon.
The excited cackle from the henhouse as an egg is laid.
Hanging out yesterday's laundry in the sun in the verandah, smelling fresh and clean.
Small puffs of white cloud, high in the sky.
Bare twigs showing buds of new life on the bushes in the top run.
Finding a warm egg, new laid and brown.
The peace and tranquility of sitting in the back garden on a Sunday afternoon with my tea.  The only noises are the birds close by and distant vehicles, with the odd faraway dog barking.
The growing scarf in the new pattern, which the YFG wants...
The peace of knowing what is for tea!
No school uniforms to iron tonight because it is half term and they can wait.
The chickens preening themselves in the sun by the house wall where it is warm.
The growing heap of clean brown eggs in the utility room now that the chickens are laying again!

A lot to be thankful for.

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Bridget said...

Yesterday was beautiful here too, unfortunately today we are back to rain again!