Thursday, 6 February 2014

Down time

Having come down with the lurgy through the generosity of the girls, I struggled through a church meeting yesterday morning and then came home to sit and snooze in the chair for much of the afternoon, after I had typed up the minutes of the meeting.  The girls came home from school, and the YFG was good enough to cook our tea - she had fish pie and made me some risotto, which was lovely.  I am not sure what the EFG had, but I think she cooked her own.   The FH and UJ had had a hot lunch so they just had a sandwich.

This morning I had a lie in until 8am and then got up to sort out the chooks and the FH's pills.  He got up and made his own breakfast today instead of waiting for me to do it for him.  Once I had come in again from the chook chores, I set up camp in a comfy chair in the sitting room with the EFG's laptop and some knitting and books.  

The FH made some leek and potato soup which was going very well until he had a poke around in the fridge and found a tupperware of something he thought was leftover soup, so he chucked that in as well.  At that point he caught a whiff of almond and realised that it wasn't soup at all - it was actually the almond mixture we use for filling Bakewell tarts!  That load of soup had to go to the chooks, and then we had to fish some frozen soup out of the freezer.

I've had a productive day in that I have cast on a knitted hat, and done several rows.  I've caught up with some programmes on I-player and youtube, and I have had a flick around on the blogs, and even found some new ones to enjoy.  I've taken a call from a friend whose MOT had run out on her car and recommended a garage which may have been able to do the MOT today - she has rung back to say that yes, they did slot her in and it failed!  

The only thing I have had to do outside the house today was to take the EFG to town to pick up her new glasses this afternoon - her glasses are a very striking style and not entirely to my liking, but she loves them and I will get used to them!!  Now the FH is cooking the tea and we are looking forward to seeing whether we still like George Gently on the tv later.  I'm not planning to do much this evening, and I shall delegate the hanging of the washing on the airers after tea.

I'm getting over the lurgy, and I shall be back to normal very soon, but I am enjoying a little down time, I have to admit!


simplesuffolksmallholder said...

Almond flavoured soup doesn't sound very appealing although it might be a delicacy somewhere in the world!

rabbitquilter said...

glad you are feeling better, don't rush back to normality tooooo quickly!!!! Enjoy being looked after while you can!!