Friday, 21 February 2014

Walking and cinema

We have had another good day together today doing half-termy things! The girls and I packed up our crafts and went to the chapel group this morning: the weather was so bright, clear and sunny that we decided to walk the mile there, and hope it wasn't going to come on to rain when we had to walk the mile home again!  It didn't, and we had a good session of knitting and chatting at the group.  The other ladies were pleased to see the girls, and wanted to know how they are and what they are up to.

The EFG received an official letter this morning, which turned out to be from Student Finance England with an offer of finance for her first year at uni.  We may not know for sure where she is going, but she has the offer of the money to go with now at least....

After a quick bite to eat, we set off to the cinema this afternoon with one of the YFG's mates in tow.  The Monuments Men was the film of choice today, and the Tesco Clubcard vouchers just about covered the cost for three of us - now that I shop there less, I consequently get less vouchers, but I had just enough this time.  We may have to go less often in future, as I refuse to pay the exhorbitant prices - and it was very chilly in there too - they are skimping on the heating these days.  I wished I had put a thicker coat on!

(image from

I really enjoyed this film and it was very interesting to find out more about a part of the Second World War that I had not heard about before.  I'd recommend it, and there was a very broad age range of people in the cinema with us this afternoon, so I think it is appealing to a wide-range of audiences.

Yesterday evening, the EFG and I joined Slimming World, as we have just six months before she leaves here and I want to help her to develop some strategies for losing weight and keeping it off, and we are both hoping that this helps.  I could do with losing some weight too, so we are a mutual support group for one another here during the week, and then we are going to see the group each Thursday night for an hour.  It isn't too far away but it isn't on our doorstep, but there are groups in every direction from here and this one just fits in quite well with the weekly schedule.  It's going to cost me £9.90 each week, but I think it will be worth it for six months, especially if it helps her.  We have planned to set aside time tomorrow morning to work out how to modify our menu plan and prepare a supplementary shopping list for the week ahead.

And I am still knitting....plenty of time for knitting as the computer is still not fixed!


Lyssa Medana said...

We used to go to the pictures a lot on Orange Wednesdays. One summer we went to see the air conditioning and suffered through Charlie's Angels 2 (the film was rubbish but the air con was very much appreciated!) and I always used to wrap up extra warm at other times because I freeze! There are children's films on at reduced prices here on Saturday mornings. Otherwise I find it hard to justify the cinema. Glad you had a good time. WS xxx

Welsh Poppy said...

Good luck with slimming world for you and EFG I would be interested in any recipes you might have.I have been on diet since November 26lb lost so far so it can be done and worth the hard work:)

SusanM said...

That's fantastic news about uni funding. What a worry it is. I was speaking to a friend in the south yesterday who is really concerned about financing three children who want to go to uni. Tell EFG that if she goes to uni in Aberdeen she will burn off all the calories trying to keep warm! In Scotland, as I write this, our uni fees are free if attending a Scottish uni. Obviously if your child wants to go to a uni outside Scotland then fees have to be paid.

Fat Dormouse said...

Well done on joining Slimming World together. I found it a good way to lose weight, but I needed the support of the group: once I tried to go it alone I failed!! Now I'm using a mixture of 5:2 and Hairy Dieters. You can see recipes and meal plans over on my blog, if they might be helpful to you. Good luck!!

Welsh Poppy said...

Aldi have frylite olive oil a lowfat 1 cal spray on offer £1.49p which is a good price as I paid a pound more in a supermarket.

Morgan said...

Thank you all and a warm welcome to Fat Dormouse!

I shall look in Aldi for the spray next time I go as the other place were all sold out of the basic sunflower and olive varieties this week so we didn't get any as the only ones they had were garlic oil or butter flavoured and they were £2.50 each. This plan is going to be expensive if I am not very careful, so I have to keep an eye on the pennies!