Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Scaling back

It had crossed my mind earlier this week to take some time away from the internet and try to spend more time with the girls and the FH since it is half term here this week.

I hadn't made any concrete plans for this, but fate seemed to play right into my hands this afternoon.  I had been on the internet briefly this morning but went out at lunchtime with the YFG to school to label more books up for Accelerated Reader, and then came home at about 4pm.

I put the kettle on for that vital "I'm home" cup of tea, and the trip switch blew straight away.  Cue kettle put to one side, and the little travel kettle brought in from storage to make the tea.  Once I had tea in my hand, and gave the FH his, I pootled off to the computer to catch up on stuff, but it wouldn't turn on.  At all.  Dead as a dodo.

It played this game before Christmas and when I got it to the repair man, it happily started up and made me look a fool, so I waited and waited, and still it won't go, so I have made arrangements to take it to him in the morning.

Now that leaves us with the desktop which the YFG uses [where I am now] and the EFG's laptop.  Use of either of these will be inconvenient, and carefully timed by people breathing down my neck, wondering how long I will be ;)

Looks like I am on an internet-restricted day or so.  Fingers crossed that the chap can wave his magic wand and repair it - again!

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