Wednesday, 19 February 2014

A bit of knitting

The EFG found this pattern and wanted to try to expand her range!  We both had a go, but hers is better than mine because her knitting is tighter than mine.

She found it here at Knitting Bee, and I'd encourage knitters to go and have a look at all the free patterns.  We plan on trying more of these lacy ones.

I'm still working on the scarf for the YFG which is progressing nicely in that I am on to the 3rd ball of wool, and the EFG also wants one, in a different colour.  

I have also started a diagonal square with a little border which I am enjoying because it is really plain and simple, knitted in garter stitch and a pleasure to knit.

We have UJ here tonight staying over because the girls want to go out tomorrow and the FH is not up to coming too: the YFG is going to Peterborough on the train, so I shall have to drive her and one of her friends to the station, and then the EFG and I are going on a little road trip of our own to Ely.

It is too long to leave the FH on his own, so UJ will keep him company for most of the day.  I expect that I shall be home by 4pm at the latest, and UJ has plans for the evening, so he'll probably leave soon after I get home, but I am very grateful for him coming.

News on the computer is that the chap is finding it a bit challenging.  He has tried a new power supply unit and that isn't the trick, so he's trying other things now.  He has been updating me through messages on FB but I guess he will ring me tomorrow with a verdict as the EFG will be booting me off her laptop shortly.

Hope you are all well.  


Bridget said...

Knitting looks great. Thanks for the website. Off to have a look x

Morgan said...

Hi Bridget, I bet you were there a while - we certainly were!!

SusanM said...

I used to take my son to Peterborough on the train when we lived in Lincolnshire. And I always wanted to go to Ely. All the years we lived in the East Midlands and we never managed, One day! Half term over here and back to exam preparations.

Bridget said...

Hope you don't mind. I mentioned you in my post today referencing knitting bee and their wonderful patterns for dishcloths !

Morgan said...

No problem at all, Bridget - glad you liked it. We spent FAR too much time on there last night, as there is so much to look at! I already have a queue of stuff I want to knit, and it just made it worse...