Thursday, 27 February 2014

Fen news

I am shattered!  After two meetings back to back last night, I took the FH and went to UJ's house and we collapsed into bed at 11.30pm, only for him to spend several hours tossing and turning, suffering with pains in his feet and just generally not getting comfortable.  It was 3.30am before we were able to get to sleep properly, and then we were up again at 6.45am to get to the hospital by 8.15am.........we sat in the waiting room and all he kept muttering was that he wanted to go home!

The hospital news is that the fluid is building up again so the diuretics have been changed and hopefully the new one will get the water shifting.  We are back again there in July, but have carte blanche as always to call them with any concerns in the meantime - and I always do - they are incredibly patient and helpful whenever I ring and I have nothing but admiration for the clinic staff who help us out.

Once we got out from the clinic at 11am though, I thought that the FH was going to collapse in exhaustion before I could get him to the car - he slumped against someone else's car on the way to ours and I was worried, but I managed to get him in and buckled up for the journey home.  Arriving home, he went straight to bed, where he has been ever since.  He had a good long sleep this afternoon and is feeling more normal again this evening, thank goodness.  A couple of long days have just worn him out completely and it is going to take him another couple to get back to where he was earlier in the week.

Tonight the EFG and I have been for our first SW weigh-in, and it was OK.  The EFG lost a pound and I divested myself of four somehow - I was quite chuffed but didn't get too excited about it. I am so proud of the EFG for achieving a loss this week, and of how well she has stuck to the plan.  I am hoping that as she loses more weight, the insulin-intolerance that the consultant says is affecting her will reduce and she will be able to lose more.  Even 10% of her body weight will be a huge achievement so that is what she is shooting for at the moment.  I could see that the time spent at the group discussing everyone's losses and gains was quite boring for her, but one lady shared that she has lost 5 stone in the time she has been coming to the group and so that certainly inspired me!

In other news, these two teenagers of mine are costing me a small fortune!  The EFG needs a cheque tonight to pay for two re-sits of modules she is going to do again in the summer exams, I have just paid out £75 for the YFG to start doing the Duke of Edinburgh Award, and now she says she needs new trainers and all the kit list for the DoE.  Along with the expenses of the Aberdeen trip in this next budget period, we are all going to be losing weight because we'll be on rations, I reckon!  There is only so much money in the pot and when extra expenses come along like this, other areas have to be cut back, as is only sensible.  None of these things are extravagant and unnecessary - I really think that the DoE will suit the YFG immensely and with her being of such a practical mindset, I believe that it will be money well spent to enable her to gain an qualification for her CV which reflects her personality aptly.  Conversations today about her future career have ranged between the army and the police on the one hand to being a midwife on the other hand, so you can see that she will definitely be Doing Something.

Night night - thanks for visiting and I hope to get back to more regular blogging next week.  Take care xx


Frugal in Bucks said...

Sorry to hear FH is suffering. Sending love.
But well done at SW both of you, small steps I always say.

Much love x

Welsh Poppy said...

Well done on the 4lb you lost and the 1lb for ED that is a great mood booster for you both to continue with SW.
Hope your husband is feeling better soon.

Bridget said...

Hope hubby feels better soon. You sound like you've been very busy x My daughter considered doing DoE but it does work out expensive. She's been told that volunteering looks really good on a CV so she helped out at our local library for a year and is now looking to help out at a local Cub pack x
Well done on the weight loss too, you're both going the right way which is always good x

Morgan said...

Morning, Bridget!

The EFG didn't do the DoE but she did do and still does some volunteering - she was at the local Brownies and Guides group as a helper for a couple of years, and she has a role in the gym club too, which I am sure have contributed positively to her uni applications.

The FH is feeling more like himself again this morning, which is good. And thanks for the note on the losses - we are carrying on, and neither of us have had a treat last night either! I know when I did it after I had the EFG in Cupar, I went to the SW club with an older lady and we always had a bag of chips when we walked home afterwards!!

SusanM said...

My friend's daughter did DoE but couldn't afford to buy the equipment. She informed the school and they said that she could borrow the equipment from them. Would it be worth mentioning? Or could you borrow from friends? You could try freecycle or gumtree too. I have seen items advertised which have been bought specifically for DoE and barely used. Children's activities are expensive (2 private music lessons, band and orchestras here weekly) but I think activities are good for them and the universities seem to be looking for extra curricular interests in addition to academic achievements. Well done with the weight loss! Hope FH feels better soon.

thrift deluxe said...

Congratulations on your losses. Hope your husband is feeling better today.

Lyssa Medana said...

Sending massive hugs and did you get my email? WS xxx

Morgan said...

@SusanM - yes, the school will lend out the tents, camping equipment and has a couple of rucksacks to hire, so I have told her to put her name down for one of those if she can.

@thriftdeluxe - love your name! Thanks for stopping by xx

@WS - thanks for the hugs! Yes, have read the email but not had time to reply....will do. Much appreciated xxx

SusanM said...

If you lived near me I would lend you camping and hiking gear. Just spent £35 on exam practice papers! But it's worth it.

Helen Graham said...

Congrats on your weight loss. I'm another Slimming World member and have lost 4 st so far with another 1 still to go.

rabbitquilter said...

Oh my!! I hope you have a more relaxed weekend to gather yourself back together!! Well done on the weight loss, the pair of you!! I'm half a stone down after 3 weeks at W/W's!! But have had a bit of a week so have indulged in a glass of wine with my tea!!! I am now trying to resist that the bottle needs finishing!!!! No.1 son did DoE, not his thing really, but he got Bronze and it added to his CV. I have the backpack he used if you would like it. Only used once!!!!! He now works for a courier company so could get it to you with no prob. Think there are some cooking cans too. You are MORE than welcome to them. Hope you have a gentle weekend! X

mallowlark said...

Outdoors kit is part of my professional kit (breaks up the majority, which is in an office) - it does add up quickly. That said, try GoOutdoors (they price match, 10% better than whatever you found, I think) and online there's Field and Trek for things where trying on is not critical. Both of those can beat Cotswold, even with the Cotswold discount.

There are also some things where a certain level of quality makes a big difference (waterproof and overtrousers, boots, although good fit is king with boots), and other things where it doesn't really matter much (walking trousers, shirts, fleeces). Yes, they need to be quick-drying, but that's about the line. You can tell the difference with the expensive fleeces...but it's not a big deal. You might need an extra cheapy fleece, as they're often thinner. If there's any chance it will fit, check children's, including boys. I own numerous boys garments - it's only obvious if you read the size on the tag.