Thursday, 13 February 2014

An Island Parish

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Currently one of my favourite programmes on the tv is "An Island Parish".  Life on a small island fascinates me, and this series is set on Sark, in the Channel Islands, which are Crown Dependencies.

It's all very interesting indeed.

It has a thrifty side to it, as I imagine that these people have to have a level of self-sufficiency and inventiveness of their own, and can't be running off to the shops every minute when they "need" something.  There seems to be a strong community spirit, which is heartening to see, and above all, I like these programmes because they include the churches on Sark.  Indeed, the whole series of "Island Parish" programmes have centred around parishes and their local ministers of one denomination or another - on Sark we are following a Methodist lay preacher [in the photo in the blue jacket] and the CofE incumbents - there is a new one each month as the church there has no permanent vicar in place.

It's on Friday nights so I am looking forward to tomorrow's episode already!


sweet blondie blue eyes said...

The chap who first started doing these progrsmmes was Nigel Farrell, his first programme was about the village he lived in. He then went on to make a series with Nippy Singh, the owner of the post office in Bentley in Hampshire. 'A Place in France'. We knew both of them when I was working down there.

Nigel died a few years ago from pancreatic cancer, but he is still on the credits as having thought up the idea. His first Country Parish was filmed in 2003 and he then went on to do the Island Parish series. He also filmed at Woburn Abbey a series called Country House.

Morgan said...

Thanks for sharing that - really interested in having a bit more info about the background to the shows :)

Good to hear from you, too. Hope you are both OK xxx

Bridget said...

I love this program me so much. I would love to live there and be part of that community, not sure which church I would go to though!!

Helen Graham said...

I love Island Parish. I also watched a couple of previous series set on Barra. Wish they were all available on DVD.